Summer Volunteer Program 2018

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Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India

Sankalp Volunteer as an organization is built on the purposeful foundation of serving our community by involving volunteers from all over the world. We provide safe and structured volunteer programs in India that combine personal strengths, flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Volunteering with Sankalp gives each individual a meaningful, memorable, and valuable experience in making a difference in all the lives we serve.

Volunteer Programs

Through our program you'll find fantastic volunteer opportunities in India. We invite individuals, couples, students, groups, families, and many more to come experience travel while making a contribution to our society.
Orphanage Work
Orphanage Volunteer Work in India

You get the opportunity to participate with the orphanage children ranging 0-6 years old in daily routines while also providing them with love and affection.

Project for Street Kids
Project for Street Kids Education

The society (NGO) operates a school for the street children in Jaipur. Volunteers get the opportunity to help in the school by teaching and inspiring them.

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment Program

Volunteers are given the opportunity to motivate, encourage, and teach young women in the society basic skills to improve their quality of life and future.

Our Featured Volunteer Programs

This option gives you the unique ability to combine meaningful volunteering to help us grow our local projects with an action-packed adventure tour in a group. With Sankalp Volunteer, you become part of the community, get to know the local people and become much more than a tourist; you travel with a purpose and literally change your life and the lives of those you help through your efforts.

Volunteer To Make A Difference

This New Year, make the pledge to Volunteer in 2018 and make positive change to our communities and yourself, volunteer in India with Sankalp Volunteer Society!
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Group Volunteer Trips

To find out what we can set up for you on the option below, give us a call or email to discuss your customized requirements.

University Group Volunteering
University Group Volunteering

A genuine group volunteering experience for universities and colleges with various Volunteer Work opportunities in India.