Sankalp Volunteer

The meaning of the Hindi word "Sankalp" in English is: "Take a Pledge". Make the pledge to volunteer and make positive change to our local communities by being a Responsible Tourist in India!

Sankalp Volunteer is registered business as tour operator and organizes volunteer tours in association with local NGO. The volunteer placement to local NGO is 100% free. However, you pay a program fee to cover the costs associated with hosting you as a volunteer that include airport transfers, accommodation, meals, daily transportation to projects, excursions, adventures tours and other travel support within India.

We have a strong partnership with the local non-profit (Sankalp Volunteer Society) which has given us the opportunity to fund numerous initiatives and programs in the communities where our volunteer projects are based. We are proud to finance the school building for Street Kids Program, which continues to provide the children within the community with education and lifelong skills that they otherwise would not have access to.

We are proud to have hosted more than 2500+ volunteers for our non-profit organization since 2006. We are proud to have established long-term and sustainable projects for the people in our community.

We are even more proud of all of our volunteers who have joined our team and made an amazing contribution to society. Our volunteers have joined from all over the world, and many of them continue to come back and serve the people in our community, through the volunteer programs we offer through our society.

About NGO
You will be volunteering with NGO for 100% free which is established and registered in 1994. The NGO helps to independently monitor our offered projects/programs and provides tools along with expertise to ensure our continued sustainability, as well as ensure that contribution by Sankalp Volunteer Tours are managed responsibly.
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