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Our program fees include your airport transfers, food, accommodation, transport, travel and support. Program fees are set by a weekly basis ranging from one to eight weeks. If you want to volunteer for more than eight weeks, you can add as many extra weeks as you like (within visa restrictions).

Here is a more information about what we provide:


At Sankalp we make safety a high priority for each and every volunteer and staff member that join our program. Our program has been running for several years and we have had the great joy in welcoming hundreds of volunteers into our program, please trust that we have extensive experience in caring and protecting all of our volunteers. This includes safety within the house, transportation provided by us, safety at the program locations, and any emergencies that may arise. We do not conduct any program that could in any possible way jeopardize the safety of any volunteer or staff member. We are very proud of our ongoing commitment and provision of safety for all that join our team. We have had hundreds of volunteers within the age group of 16-65 years of age since 2007, with a maximum of 33 volunteers at the house (Jaipur), with no miss-happening to anyone in our program. In order to continue our priority and contract with safety, our organization maintains very set rules and regulations. We ask that you join our program with adherence to the set rules and respect them appropriately for your own and others personal safety.

Visa Help

Obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the volunteers. To obtain a short term visa, go to https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html . If you wish to volunteer longer than 8 weeks you will need a long term visa, please visit your own country's government visa website for more information, as each countries long term via requirements vary.

Volunteer work and travel through Sankalp falls under the category of volunteer tourism and we recommend you state your purpose of travel as "tourism" on your visa application. Stating any other purpose of travel will not be applicable to us. Sankalp will provide information such as references and local address following the approval of the volunteer application. For any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Pickup and Transfer

Pickup & Transfer service would be available to volunteers from Jaipur or Delhi airport. It is 40 minutes' drive from Jaipur airport to get volunteer house (included) and its approximately five hours drive from Delhi airport. Our personal driver will be awaiting your arrival at the airport. You will find him in the arrival hall, past immigration/customs/baggage claim, with a placard displaying your name.

Program Orientation

Next day of your arrival at the destination we organized an orientation for each program where you will gain an understanding on the entire volunteer program, introduction to rules and regulation of the organization, Indian history, its culture and traditions.

Accommodation & Food

In Jaipur, you are provided accommodation in our volunteers' house which is a building owned by the organization. The volunteer home is an independent multi-storey building which is in northern part of Jaipur. You can reach the centre of Jaipur in 30 minutes by Auto Rickshaw. The volunteer house is safe and secure. The house is 3 stories and contains 8 shared bedrooms with en suite washrooms. All washrooms have a shower and a western toilet. There is a basic kitchen and living room on each floor. During summer season the rooms have Air Conditioner at night. The cook serves quality Indian food to the volunteers and UV treated & Ozonated water is provided in the home, which is clean and safe to drink. Daily lunch and dinner are included.

On other placement, you ought to live with a middle class local Indian family in a remote area. A separate living-room on dual or triple sharing basis with other volunteers will be provided but you should not expect luxury on your stay and it is different from what you are used to at home. The family will serve local area meals..

Daily Transportation

You will be provided daily transportation to the project site by Rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk).