Volunteer Women's Empowerment Projects Abroad

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Women Empowerment Project
(Teaching English & Computer to girls in rural India)

Program Overview
In this program the volunteer will be teaching English and Computer skills to school going girls in rural areas. The volunteer will be providing them with the basic skills needed to improve the quality of their communication skills and encourage them how to apply for jobs. In this way these young girls will gain confidence and will later be confident women. Your help will not only change the lives of the girls but it will also considerably change your life as well.

Volunteer work activities
◦ Teach and enhance their knowledge of the English language.
◦ Improve their English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills
◦ Teach them about computers and how to operate them.
◦ Teach about the world, cultures, food and on-going stuff around the world (general knowledge)
◦ Teach them about the basic personal hygiene
◦ You may enhance their skill and confidence with other fun creative ideas

Program requirements
Duration - The minimum required time for Women Empowerment program is 4 weeks.
Age limit - Minimum required age is 16 and maximum age depends of participant’s health.
Gender - This program allows female volunteers only.
Eligibility - You do not need specific skills and past experience to be a volunteer with us.
Visa type - You need to obtain tourist visa only.

Program available from 1- 52 weeks at following location:



2 week volunteer work + one week travel plan
Date: starts on 27 June, 11 & 25 July 2015

3 week volunteer work + one week travel plan
Date: every Saturday from Oct to Apr

4 week volunteer work + two week travel plan
Date: specific dates from Oct to Apr 

Volunteer's Story

Terra Wright, USA
Project – Women Empowerment, August

I am so thankful for this opportunity! As stressful and tiring as the volunteering was, every bit of hardship was made up by the joy I’ve felt from knowing that I have made a difference however small it may seem. Seeing the girls faces light up at learning something new was so rewarding. I have and will continue to recommend the program to friends. The accommodation was good. I loved the food! It was healthy, delicious and authentic! No Complaints! I absolutely recommend the program. We were so lucky to work with the grassroots organization. We know that the money and effort we put in goes directly to those who need it.
Annabel Fox,
Project – Women Empowerment, April 2012

I really enjoyed my five weeks here. It was even better than expected. The women empowerment programme was great and the volunteer house in a really good location. Jaipur particularly was a great base to explore Rajasthan and its surrounding cities and attraction. Also I think Sankalp is good value compare to other volunteer programmes and definitely has more of charity, rather than a business fed to it. The Sankalp team seems to genuinely care about the work programs and the people and children they are benefiting. Food was delicious. All the staff was great. Amita and Pranay are great at holding everything together. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to my friend and family. And also I may come back next year!!
Rebeeca David, USA
Project - Women Empowerment, March 2012

While my time on the program was very short (just 2 weeks). I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with women and girls on women empowerment initiatives. I enjoyed the experience to learn more about the lives, challenges and realities of women in this region, and to help them develop skills and confidence to set goals and achieve them. It was a wonderful experience to live like locals do, and learn about Indian culture. I found Jaipur an interesting location. Rich history and beautiful sites, Speople friendly. Accommodation and food was very good. Comfortable rooms, beds & house. The food was very good – authentic style delicious food. I would recommend Sankalp to others. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience!
Jean Hunt, USA
Project – Women Empowerment, February 2012

I was happy to have the opportunity to work on the women Empowerment program. It was nice to be allowed to create bonding experiences. For me, I saw this as a support group for younger women (girls aged 10- 15) and women in intensely busy period of their lives – with young children – some with demanding Parents. Or in- laws and with jobs!!! I was very happy to draw out the women and let them improve their English in fun ways. I would like to say Thank you to Sankalp for this opportunity. The food and the accommodation were fine. Amita is very caring. Amita and Pranay clearly want these projects to be successful and do their best to accomplish that. I would definitely recommend Sankalp to others.

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