Volunteer Abroad in Bangalore

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Volunteer in Bangalore

In urban parts of Bangalore provide English Teaching, Child care & Women Empowerment programs.
Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Its pleasant climate, friendly people, and its highly educated population have made this the Silicon Valley of India with almost all Computer related multinationals setting up their India head office at Bangalore. Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister termed this as "India's city of the future".

Volunteers can choose to work in one of the following areas for Bangalore location.

English Teaching Project
Teaching program is running in Government primary schools in rural areas. The volunteers will work in the schools and organize various enjoyable and creative activities for the children to sharpen their talents and increase the knowledge.

Childcare Community Project
In the rural areas, early childhood care and education are extremely important. This job is traditionally done by local childcare centers called “Anganbari,” but they need help. Our aim is to support these local bodies to promote and maintain the holistic childcare in the area.

Women Empowerment
The concept of women empowerment lies in overall growth in personality and talent of the women. Our aim is to work towards physical, mental and literal development. This is much needed as India still is a male dominated society and thus the females are kept at margin and forced to lead confined lives behind house walls.
On working days, volunteers usually get up and have breakfast before leaving for their Volunteer Placements. Our staff will provide transportation to and from your Volunteer Placement if required. You will probably spend about four hours at your Volunteer Placement. The rest of the day will be filled with opportunities to learn about the local culture and customs, field trips to places of local interest, discussions with experts on local issues and others. Evening meal-times provide another exciting chance to enjoy authentic food provided by our staff cooks or host families. The food is delicious and healthy and takes full advantage of local cooking traditions. The evenings and weekends are free time, to relax or explore the local area. Volunteers often travel to other parts of the region at weekends, and the staff who are all from the local area themselves, is always happy to make recommendations.
Accommodation & Meals
We offer comfortable accommodation with easy approach to project sites for the volunteers in every project running cities. On placement, you ought to live with a local Indian family like a family member. A separate living-room on dual or triple sharing basis with other volunteers will be provided. The host families will serve all local area meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

The food they prepare and serve to you would be delicious one with daily changed varieties. You may help the host(s) in preparing the meals so that you may learn cooking of various India dishes, which would be liked by your mates when you go back and served them with. You may also cook food of your own choice.

Living with Indian families will be the best way of learning the Indian tradition, culture and behaviour without much cost and effort.
Other Services
While working with the Sankalp you will be a part of a family. We will be delighted to make feel you at home by the service excellence at par. We are always there to provide you the support and guidance you need while working with us and to make your trip memorable.

Visa Help - Obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the volunteers. Citizens of all countries ought to view their own country Govt. web site or contact embassy of their home country. For more information you should contact your local embassy or check their website because each requirements for a visa can be different in every country. Generally it is not so hard to obtain a visa, as long as you use the guidelines given by your local embassy. We strongly recommend you to apply for a Tourist Visa. The important reason for this is that you will be provided with all services like pickup, transport, food, accommodation and others under a Tour Package.

Pick up from Bangalore Airport
On arrival at project location you will meet our representative/driver, he waits for you at Bangalore airport / bus stand / railway holding your name sign (placard).

Project Orientation

Next day of your arrival at the destination we’ll organize an orientation for each program where you will gain an understanding of the entire volunteer program, Indian history, its culture and traditions. Volunteering in India would entail an introduction to Hindi as well as rules and regulation of the organization and including work area visit & market visit.

Safety - We are very much concerned about volunteer’s security and safety; We place volunteers in a very safe accommodation and in peaceful environment while staying and during the course of project working.

The team is perfect in giving suitable guidance and instructions about the local and national transportation and about the outing for the project location surroundings.

All the team members have mobile phones, making contact with volunteers easy. You are always welcomed to get in contact with any of the staff member at any time round the clock on or off emergency on our cell phones during entire period of your stay/project work.

The volunteer’s home/host families are chosen to be near to health care centers and project locations

Free Time
– There will be plenty of time to relax in the evenings and weekends. In general volunteers tend to visit the local countryside, read, write their diaries, play sports and plan excursions to local points of interest. Most Friday evenings, volunteers arrange a get together to celebrate the end of the working week.

Health Issues and Vaccinations - Some countries require or suggest persons going abroad to have themselves vaccinated before departure and on entering the country abroad. It would be fair to view your country's government website for more information regarding the health of travellers. It is also recommended to visit the nearest travel clinic prior to your departure for abroad. Staying and working in another country, often in conditions you are not used to, can take a toll on the body and mind.

Fees and dates

USD $210

Short term (2 – 15 weeks)
2 week $ 360 | 3 week $ 498 | $ 140 for additional week(s)

What’s included in Program Fee
◦ Pickup from Bangalore airport ◦ Extensive information prior to arrival
◦ Accommodation & meals ◦ Assistance for local sightseeing
◦ Placement and assistance in work area ◦ All program relevant materials

What’s not included in Program Fee
◦ International airfare ◦ Travel insurance ◦ Drop-off, return fare
◦ Visa fee ◦ Excursions ◦ Insurance ◦ Local sightseeing

The programs start on every Saturday (Arrival in New Delhi).
What’s included in Program Fee

Apply Now

2 week volunteer work + one week travel plan
Date: starts on 27 June, 11 & 25 July 2015

3 week volunteer work + one week travel plan
Date: every Saturday from Oct to Apr

4 week volunteer work + two week travel plan
Date: specific dates from Oct to Apr 

Volunteer's Story

Johanna Hersh, USA
Orphanage, Street Kids & Teaching English, April 2011

I had the pleasure of working in 3 programs. So I had a good variety of experience. The Orphanage was difficult emotionally, but after the first week, I was hooked to all the lovely children. Those children have great potential, so any & all gift/ supplies/ treats anything would be greatly appreciated by the kids. The Government school was another fabulous experience. I loved working with so many students & all of the staff was very friendly. The street children program occupied about 9 weeks of my time. All of those kids are very smart and are ready to learn. I look forward to the day when new school is built…I will be back to be a full time teacher!!!! The staff at the Sankalp was great and it was fun to be around them. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to others.
Samuel Stoffelen, Australia
Work and Travel, Nov 2011

This volunteering program has been an amazing experience for myself. The people I have shared this one month with have been very accepting, very kind and lot of fun. The accommodation is located in a very nice area of Jaipur. The condition of my room and facilities was very good and the food that was supplied was extremely nice and unique. Both coordinators have been helpful to me, if faced with any issue or if I have had a question, they have answered it appropriately. The Street kid program was something I really enjoyed being part of. The kids were wonderful to teach and a lot of fun. The school was very well maintained and I was particularly impressed with the treatment and attention that the kids were given. I would recommend Sankalp to anyone interested in travel and volunteering.
Catherine Carswell, USA
Work and Travel, March 2012

This was my first big travel experience on my own. My parents were a little worried at first but as soon as I arrived at the house and emailed them that the pickup at the airport, the hotel and the drive to Jaipur all went very smoothly and there was upwards of twenty volunteers in the house they realized I was going to be very safe and have a great time! That is exactly what happened. The house is beautiful, in a gated community where you always feel safe. Lunch and Dinner are great and the cook is lovely. Amita and Pranay the couple who run this organization are kind and always would fix something if it wasn’t right and offered us advice on travel and anything else. The trip is worth every penny because you do and see so much. I strongly advise you to choose this program because you will not forget it :)
Alessio Di Vito, Italy
Summer Program, July 2012

It was one of the best experience of my life!!!!! I strongly recommend Shake Hands to everybody! I took part in the Summer Program. I worked for two weeks in the Street Children Education Program. After that, we travelled for one week and we visited amazing places such as Agra, Amritsar, Dharamsala and we went trekking on the Himalaya. For the first 2 weeks I taught Math and English to 3 to 5 years old street kidz. All the programs are well structured and organized! The program coordinator (Asha) helped me to talk to the pupils, who knew only few words in English. Dealing with very young students is not easy but is extremely rewarding and is a very intense emotion! The travel period was well organized and we did exactly what was stated in the program on the website.  There are no words that can properly describe this experience !!
Rosalind Jane Spooner, England
Project – Street Children, January 2012
Good communication from the administration at start of the programme, responses from emails, programme packs and Sankalp information resources. I liked the fact that we had free times and volunteer were able to explore Jaipur. I enjoyed experiencing the culture and having the other volunteers around. At the school I was little apprehensive about teaching, as I haven’t really done this before. I found the children easy to work with though like any teaching you have to think on your feet and change the activities, subjects according to suit individuals needs. The accommodation was clean and comfortable. Food was excellent. The staff at the school was approachable and friendly, helpful and encouraging me to teach them more.
Sara Kangas, USA
Project- Women Empowerment, November 2011

Overall I had a great experience with Sankalp I enjoyed every part of the women’s empowerment program. I joined Sankalp because I wanted to be able to spend extended amount of time with a group and I was happy to be able to take part in the program. The women were welcoming and fantastic to work with. The girls were sweet and eager to learn. I felt like I was going to home when I went to volunteer. The volunteer house was comfortable and clean. The food was also great. The team of Sankalp was great. I would definitely recommend it.

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