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Sankalp offers a genuine group volunteering experience for universities, colleges and high schools with various opportunities to connect with, and learn from, local people in those communities in which you will be volunteering to support.

We create customized itineraries that provide not only to create a safe environment for the student but let them learn, grow and challenge themselves at very affordable fees.

The group will have various volunteer options such as Street Children School, Women Empowerment, Orphanage Work and Teaching in Government school at Jaipur location which is India’s most popular volunteer destination. Once enrolled, your group will have the chance to select the volunteer work activity that best fits your goal or interest. Volunteers will always receive their first preference.

If you have any query for group volunteering on a custom-made package, feel free contact us at +91 141 6544220 or email info@volunteersindia.org


Past Universities Volunteer Groups

American University of Kawait (UAE) in 2014
City University of Hong Kong (Hongkong) in 2015

To sum up all of our experiences in a nutshell, the trip to Jaipur India with Sankalp Volunteers in 2014 was unforgettable; it changed each and every one of us as individuals and group leaders, and brought us close together. As most of us travelled not knowing anyone in the group, we became a close group of friends that went on several other trips representing our University after India was the first for most of us. We all felt safe, as we went into the house, not knowing what to expect, it was exactly what we saw in pictures, no disappointments, three floors, and a basement. In fact it has a very cozy living room, which was our lunch area and a rooftop terrace for us to chill at night. The volunteering programs differed. We had a choice of going to the orphanage (girls only), teaching and playing with the street kids at a local school run by Sankalp Volunteers, and lastly, teaching at government schools some English and math, all very basic, nothing to worry about. Amazing experience, truly one of a kind. This is because the house was really good safe, had good food, Amita and Pranay were always a doorstep away for any help. We also met a few other volunteers who stayed at the house the same time as we did, great opportunity to make connections worldwide! Truly, a place to visit again with a group of friends, school or family. All the best everyone.

- Fajer Ben Naser (Group Leader)
American University of Kawait, UAE

I am Tony from City university of Hong Kong. Our objective is to open a gateway for students to exposure different cultures from worldviews, which help uncover their potential talent, think globally and act locally. This time, we picked Rajasthan as our destination. During the 11days trip, we encouraged self-exploration, working with team spirit and the need to care for the society. We had 10 people in total for the program. Due to time limitation and participant’s preference, we all decided to work in Street kids program. It is a bit too much, though. If we have the time, we definitely want to give assistance in other program as well.
No worry if you don’t have any experience in teaching kids. Amita will go through the rules and regulations with you. Just make sure that you are ready to study and play with all the kids there. It is always good to do some revision and bring some notes preparation based on the kids’ past lessons, making a good cohesion of what they have learnt.
Volunteer house is clean and cozy to live in. There are two corners on the first and second floors, where you can chill out with other volunteers from worldwide. I met people from Australia, France, and US etc. Apart from experiencing Indians’ lifestyle, you will find yourself very lucky to meet a bunch of friend with the same goals and desires. Moreover, it is a good place for you to collaborate, build up friendship among my dear participants.
It takes me a month to settle all the admin stuff, but it’s worth it. Must say special thanks to Pranay and Amita. They are very helpful and friendly, regardless of our countless requests. Very nice food and accommodation offered in India. Both exceed expectations. I like a verity of vegetables, starch and curry combination! Thanks.

- Tony (Group Leader)
City University of Hong Kong, Hongkong


If you wish to contact any of the above former university volunteer group leader, please feel free let us know.
Phone +91 141 6544220 Email info@volunteersinda.org