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The meaning of the Hindi word "Sankalp" in English is: "Take a Pledge".
Our pledge is made with people all over the world to help form a unique, different world while impacting society in a positive manner. Our pledge and volunteer work is for the ultimate goal of helping others.

Sankalp was launched in October of 2006. Today it has become India's leading NGO volunteer activity program offering meaningful, cultural opportunities at a low cost.

Sankalp has flourished in its program launching and we are proud to have welcomed more than 3500 volunteers since 2006. We are proud of our approach of establishing long-term and sustainable projects for the people in our community. We are even more proud of all our volunteers who have joined our team and made an amazing contribution to society.

About the Founders

Sankalp-Volunteer was founded by program directors Amita and Pranay as a result of their undeniable passion for the children of India. They have grown Sankalp-Volunteer and are currently involved in changing the lives of street children, school children, orphans, and young women throughout India. They are hands on and involved in every aspect of Sankalp volunteers.

Amita handles all communication with Sankalp Volunteers before arrival, conducts program orientation upon arrival, and assist's volunteers during their stay with Sankalp.

Pranay handles all Sankalp administration concerning volunteer sites, travel, and transportation.

Why Sankalp Volunteer?

Experience: We believe that everyone posesses such different and unique qualities that each of us can make an impact while volunteering. In our standing belief of this notion, we don't have set traits for our volunteers. We welcome all who are dedicated to helping others, working hard, and learning more about our beautiful country, people, and culture.

Flexibility: We understand that everyone is busy and that for most, India is a huge trip! Therefore, we have allowed volunteers the flexibility of choosing their own arrival/start date.

Meaningful: All of Sankalp's work has enriched our society with opportunities that many of them would not be able to experience without your help. You will find that the meaninful effort you put into your volunteer work will benefit the children of course, but benefit you even more!

Safety: Members of our Sankalp team are always available for help 24/7.

Why Do Volunteers Pay?

Being a volunteer based program, we get this question a lot! In order to care for our volunteers by a clean living environment, house security, healthy-clean meals, and all the other living expenses it takes to house everyone, every volunteer has to pitch in. Our small team also are paid professionals who have made Sankalp their job focus. As you can imagine just like any other organization, there are a lot more expenses that we overlook. In order to provide you with the best living environment in India, we need the funds to do so.

Volunteers who travel abroad need accommodation, food, transportation, and living necessities while staying with our Sankalp team. We have eliminated the third-party in order to keep your payment low and directly working with us.

Benefits of Volunteering

There are various benefits to gain through your volunteer experience:
Increase self-esteem and confidence
Contribute to protecting the world's natural resource
Expand life experience
Make friends and have fun
Gaining a greater understanding of others
Make a difference in the world and in the life of others
Develop a sense of responsibility
Experience first-hand community involvement
Develop teamwork and interpersonal skills
Add work experience to your resume
Develop greater cultural, community and environmental awareness

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