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If you're interested in abroad volunteer programs; you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find fantastic volunteer opportunities in India. Sankalp invites individuals, couples, groups, families and students to make contribution and bring changes. We’ve been welcoming students and travellers in India for many years now. The organization provides volunteers from all over the world the opportunity a platform to unite and share their experiences and skills. We enrich them with real grass root level experiences through working with vulnerable groups such as children and women in India. The abroad volunteer will share their skills to develop sustainable means for the community while working with them.

World’s most affordable volunteer, gap year and travel opportunities in India !

Over 2300 students, couples and individuals volunteered with Sankalp Volunteer Society around the world since 2006

Volunteer Programs


A gap year or volunteer work in India is a true rewarding experience. Sankalp Volunteer Society (NGO) offers various volunteer projects and gap year opportunities in India. All volunteer program placements involve volunteers transferring their skills and knowledge to benefit the local communities. Volunteers can opt to participate for the programs ranging from 1 week to 12 months duration.

Volunteer Work and Travel


This is 4 week option with combination of volunteer work and discovering incredible India. The volunteer work experience will give you an opportunity to make a difference in the world and someone's life. The grass root volunteering with a purpose and travel with a premium tour program with in affordable price in a foreign country are the main features of this program.

Summer Program


This is special 3 week Summer Volunteer Program, provides you a greater understanding of others. The three week long program is a combination of traveling to the most beautiful parts of the country and volunteering in India. As a volunteer you will be working within the local communities, helping working towards the upliftment of children of the downtrodden society.

Gap year India


We offer a 6 week Gap Year India Expedition and Volunteer work program that will give you an experience of a lifetime. This is most liked option while it gives you the unique ability to combine volunteer work with an action-packed adventure tour. The 4 weeks of this program will be filled with volunteer work at our Jaipur location and 2 weeks travel to best destination.


Volunteer's Story

WeiGin, Malaysia

I signed up for the Summer Volunteer Program 2013 and I must say I had the time of my life! If you're feeling doubtful, Sankalp is absolutely a legitimate organisation. It is exactly what you're looking for if you're looking to put your heart out to volunteer and at the same time discover beautiful India. I've chosen Sankalp because the management were extremely responsive and helpful. I'm glad I've picked Sankalp because the entire program was very well-structured from A-Z. I did the Street Kids project for the first two weeks. We taught them English and Maths. In school, the children are very bright and enthusiastic learners! They love coming to school and you'll be so motivated to teach them. Overall, it was a beautiful experience! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for you who want to have a lifetime experience by volunteering + tour. I'm definitely going back.
Ben Mark Thomas, UK

A beyond epic experience! I would highly recommend this to anyone! I made the decision to come alone to India after finishing a placement year at University and it was one of the best decisions of my life! I was part of the Street Kids program for 6 weeks. The program is a fantastic experience! Teaching children between the ages 3 - 12 English and Maths which is extremely rewarding! I had a small group of children and in 6 weeks saw a big chance in the children. All in all this is a life changing experience! You get to experience a completely different country and culture. You get the chance to appreciate how lucky you are to have basic things! You will no doubt meet some amazing people! It's value for money and I would encourage anybody to make a life changing decision!
Johanna Hersh, USA

I had the pleasure of working in 3 programs. So I had a good variety of experience. The Orphanage was difficult emotionally, but after the first week, I was hooked to all the lovely children. Those children have great potential, so any & all gift/ supplies/ treats anything would be greatly appreciated by the kids. The Government school was another fabulous experience. I loved working with so many students & all of the staff was very friendly. The street children program occupied about 9 weeks of my time. All of those kids are very smart and are ready to learn. I look forward to the day when new school is built…I will be back to be a full time teacher!!!! The staff at the Sankalp was great and it was fun to be around them. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to others.
Samuel Stoffelen, Australia

This volunteering program has been an amazing experience for myself. The people I have shared this one month with have been very accepting, very kind and lot of fun. The accommodation is located in a very nice area of Jaipur. The condition of my room and facilities was very good and the food that was supplied was extremely nice and unique. Both coordinators have been helpful to me, if faced with any issue or if I have had a question, they have answered it appropriately. The Street kid program was something I really enjoyed being part of. The kids were wonderful to teach and a lot of fun. The school was very well maintained and I was particularly impressed with the treatment and attention that the kids were given. I would recommend Sankalp to anyone interested in travel and volunteering.
Catherine Carswell, USA

This was my first big travel experience on my own. My parents were a little worried at first but as soon as I arrived at the house and emailed them that the pickup at the airport, the hotel and the drive to Jaipur all went very smoothly and there was upwards of twenty volunteers in the house they realized I was going to be very safe and have a great time! That is exactly what happened. The house is beautiful, in a gated community where you always feel safe. Lunch and Dinner are great and the cook is lovely. Amita and Pranay the couple who run this organization are kind and always would fix something if it wasn’t right and offered us advice on travel and anything else. The trip is worth every penny because you do and see so much. I strongly advise you to choose this program because you will not forget it :)
Alessio Di Vito, Italy

It was one of the best experience of my life!!!!! I strongly recommend Shake Hands to everybody! I took part in the Summer Program. I worked for two weeks in the Street Children Education Program. After that, we travelled for one week and we visited amazing places such as Agra, Amritsar, Dharamsala and we went trekking on the Himalaya. For the first 2 weeks I taught Math and English to 3 to 5 years old street kidz. All the programs are well structured and organized! The program coordinator (Asha) helped me to talk to the pupils, who knew only few words in English. Dealing with very young students is not easy but is extremely rewarding and is a very intense emotion! The travel period was well organized and we did exactly what was stated in the program on the website.  There are no words that can properly describe this experience !!

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